Our living rooms

The selection ranges from typical classic styles to those that are modern and trendy, but they are always available in a natural-wood-product or wooden look. Discover a variety of surface treatments from natural, to alkaline-stained to limed.

16082 16 OST Sep2 16 1011 Pos 2 WOZ PON SPZ
21951 14 Wohnen 2 S4 5
22457 14 Wohnen 1 S20 21
Altea E04M Wand
CANYON 15003 P8
Florenz ,Regalwand 405236
Florenz, Wohnen 2 Säulen
Fotonr 2 Platea
Matrix 10035 E08
Mintjens Furniture   Bloom 004
Moreno 08 137 E08
Mundo 12115 E04 E17
Oregon C8.921+819.11 300dpi
Ribu 11037 E08
Strada CC15
Zen Wand E08M1
2557 A
Miro 13024 E08
ROMA   Eetkamer D2 + Opzet E04M (Zonder Model)
Savona 405206 Mit Sideboard 49 + CT 50
Sevilla Low Board BKK0005
WORMS 254+128
Milaan 001
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